Five Core Services Provided by CATBI Grantee Sites

Each site provides, either directly or through a coordinated service model, the following five core services.


Supported Living Services:

These types of services focus on supporting a client where they reside by providing training, supervision, and support for activities of daily living.

Five Core Services - Supported Living Services
Five Core Services - Community Reintegration Services


Community Reintegration Services:

These types of services focus on helping a client live, have access, and participate in their community. This may include assistance with housing, transportation, day programs, therapy, and medical care.


Vocational Supportive Services:

These types of services provide support for vocational rehabilitation, prevocational training, education, and ongoing job support for individuals with brain injury that may not have their needs met through traditional vocational rehabilitation programs.

Five Core Services -  Vocational Supportive Services
Five Core Services - Information and Referral


Information and Referral:

These types of services help connect survivors of traumatic brain injury and their families with resources and services within their community that they can access and utilize for their needs.


Public and Professional Education Services:

These types of services are designed to educate individuals and groups about traumatic brain injury and sequalae of symptoms, prevention, services, and referrals available within the community.

Five Core Services - Public and Professional Education Services